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  • Spring – 2017

    Spring – 2017

    Our spring newsletter looks over our first full year in business and sets out our vision for the future. From the purely technical to the inspirational we highlight contrasting skill sets, based on our deep understanding of craft and many years of working for contemporary artists, which we bring to the arena of luxury interiors.…

  • Residential – London

    Residential – London

    Metallic fine combed plaster for two rooms in a modernized period building. Special tools had to be made to achieve this finish using one of the last craftsmen in England capable of producing such fine steel tools.

  • Brookfield Place, New York

    Brookfield Place, New York

    We were asked to support the artist Barry Reigate to produce his 175 ft spray painted artwork for Saks department store in Brookfield Place. Working to a tight deadline with restricted site hours and conditions, we spent a number of days with Barry choreographing the process of masking and spraying until we were confident there would be no wasted time…

  • Residential – West London

    Residential – West London

    Ezralow Design asked us to reproduce a high gloss finish to match a wallpaper sample, which needed to be applied to walls and ceiling for an intimate dining area in west London. Household gloss paint was used to produce a deep mirrored finish. Photography courtesy of Ezralow Design and Edina van der Wyck.

  • Spring – 2016

    Spring – 2016

    Introduction Our spring newsletter looks at the ‘Luxury of Nature’. From the raw beauty of nature combined with the elements, to the creation of organic, powerful artworks and finishes, we concentrate on two parallel talents of a sculptor and an artist painter, who bring their rare skills to luxury interiors. [bra_border_divider top=’20’ bottom=’20’] The sculptor:…

  • The List going live 29th Jan 2016

    The List going live 29th Jan 2016

    House and Garden Magazine Launch The List on 29th Jan 2016. An online directory of the crème de la crème of the UK’s design professionals. Created following the success of their Leading 100 Interior Designers list, The List is a new way for readers to discover new talent and support local businesses across the UK, searchable…

  • New Year New Website

    New Year New Website

    We have updated our website…with links to our blog, social media, a library of selected finishes, and a new look and feel. Take a look around.

  • Le Meridien Hotel Lobby – Istanbul

    Le Meridien Hotel Lobby – Istanbul

    We were asked to fabricate and install “Untitled” by MUSTAFA HULUSİ Mustafa Hulusi’s diverse practice, including painting, video and installation, centers on the mining of what could be termed as the collective unconscious. Quoting and re-presenting aspects of the known and familiar via different conventions, stereotypes and genres popular culture, advertising, kitsch, photorealism – he…

  • The Manor Bistro – London

    The Manor Bistro – London

    Working from the agency concept and graphics we were asked to gild the window signage for a new modern bistro in Clapham London opened by Chef Robin Gill. We used genuine silver leaf and enamel to achieve the precise lettering and fine lines of the graphic logo.

  • Residential – London

    Residential – London

    Our client had recently moved into the property, a beautiful Georgian townhouse in South London, and were keen to maintain a pared down aesthetic, whilst maintaining a luxurious environment for this private space within the house. We decided on a neutral high sheen polished plaster finish, creating depth and movement alongside marble tiling.