fine comb metallic plaster

Spring – 2017

Our spring newsletter looks over our first full year in business and sets out our vision for the future. From the purely technical to the inspirational we highlight contrasting skill sets, based on our deep understanding of craft and many years of working for contemporary artists, which we bring to the arena of luxury interiors.


Fine comb metallic – Oxford Gardens, London
Creating a finish of extremely fine detail that required tools no longer commercially available we turned to Britain’s last hand saw maker to hand craft our plaster combs to the exact dimensions needed to create this wonderfully rich and complex texture.

fine comb metallic plastermetallic plaster detail 
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High gloss lacquer – Cadogan Sq, London
We were approached by Ezralow Design to reproduce a high lacquer finish based on a wall-covering sample that would enable them to cover the entire room, including the ceiling. We were extremely excited by the design concept and using our experience of manufacturing household gloss artworks for contemporary artists we immediately seized the opportunity to recreate the striking finish.

high gloss lacquer
Photography courtesy of Ezralow Design and Edina van der Wyck
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Artist support – Saks, New York
Our production skills were called upon by the artist Barry Reigate to help him produce a 175ft mural in 5 days for the new Saks department store in New York. Working under restricted site hours and conditions we spent three days with Barry choreographing the process of masking and spraying until we were confident there would be no wasted time or effort in making this stunning visual. Our role was as traditional studio technicians allowing Barry to create this freeform wall drawing without being restricted by the production process.

barry reigate Saks New York
Photography courtesy of Found Associates
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